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NorthWrite’s innovative DegreeGuardTM monitoring solution is one of the best lines of defense in protecting your valuable assets within temperature critical environments. 

DegreeGuardTM  provides fully automated and real-time internet based wireless monitoring.  It can be used in a fixed position within temperature controlled environments or while in transit.

DegreeGuardTM   is a completely wireless system which can be easily installed in about 10 minutes. Your business can now use the latest technology to benefit from real-time wireless monitoring.   

To assist you in another area of growing importance, EnergyGuardTM, a web-based software tool developed with the support of the US Department of Energy. EnergyGuard helps you track utility costs, benchmark energy usage, and determine your building’s carbon footprint.

DegreeGuard combines several tools to maximize your benefits. We also know that it's nearly impossible to manage what you cannot measure. Therefore, DegreeGuard will help you keep track of storage temperatures, and equipment performance. EnergyGuard will help you determine how energy efficient your restaurant is against national averages.

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